River Home by Elle Keaton

River Home is the 5th book in the Accidental Roots series. I have loved each one and this was no exception. This is the story of Miguel and Nate. We have met Miguel before - he works at Buck's auto shop and is his best friend, however, now that Buck and Joey have got married, it makes Miguel assess his own life. He lives with them and considers it may be time to move out. While they are on honeymoon, a number of things happen in Miguel's life that changes his destiny forever. Some good and some bad. His ex-lover Justin, who abused him reappears, as does a new love interest, Nate. 
Nate works at the Skagit FBI office with Adam Klay as his boss. He meets Miguel at Buck and Joey's wedding and it makes him re-evaluate everything about himself and his sexuality. 
Their story unfolds with an exciting plot that is thrilling and engaging. Nate's current case investigations run alongside events happening to Miguel and I was caught up in all the activity enjoying the plot as much as the romance. 
We meet Angel again and also Otto, who runs the local Adult Toy Store. It seems as if there may be a chance that the next book will involve them as Otto needs a new assistant and Miguel and Nate think Angel would be perfect. Angel comes with his own intense history and it would be lovely to see him happy. Here's hoping...
Overall, I really enjoyed River home. It was sweet and sexy as well as funny and enthralling. Elle Keaton has an easy but intelligent writing style making this a very satisfying read. 
4.5 stars