Second Wind by Aimee Nicole Walker

This book goes to show that love doesn't know the meaning of time and distance...
When you are young, everything seems so much more serious and permanent. When you fall in love you think it will be forever.
Sadly the fear of coming out and losing it all is sometimes stronger than the love itself and we let the things that mean the most slip away.
When Lincoln was young, he had that love. The boy of his dreams was Rush. Together they tried to make it work, hiding from friends and family, making plans for a future where they could love each other and let the world see.
When Lincoln realised someone knew their secret, he did the one thing he thought that would protect the man he loved, he left him.
Years later with two grown up children, he finally understands that his life, however good, has been a lie. Not only to his family but to himself...
Rush had tried his hardest to get over Linc. He had friends of course and although he thought he had found another love, it wasn't to be.
When a chance meeting reconnects them. they both know that the second chance could be the last one.
Will the old feelings of love be enough to get over the years of hurt? Is it worth the risk? Losing each other again will almost certainly be too much!!
A fabulous read from this author, most definitely a page turner.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x