Rebel (Ballsy Boys #1) by K.M. Neuhold and Nora Phoenix

When you have felt abandoned for most of your life, how do you begin to let anyone in?
For one of the men in this book it's a real problem. Moved around in foster care and ageing out of the system had left Troy hardened to any sort of feelings. Going it alone was a way of life for him and that went for relationships as well. One night stands and hook ups in clubs was the way to go.
Rebel had worked in adult entertainment for years. He loved sex and getting paid for it was a bonus. Add in the fact that he had an understanding family and that the men he worked with were really good friends and it made his life a good one...
The only down side was that when potential partners found out they usually didn't stick around for long.
Troy loved gay porn, he logged in frequently to watch his favourite star Rebel.
When a job led him to the man's front door he couldn't believe his luck. A quick fumble led to both men wanting more. Trouble was, their versions of more differed slightly.
Will they be able to work things out and find a middle ground?
Will Troy's past stop him from having a future?
This was a really good start to a new series and the authors work perfectly together.
I can't wait to read the next installment .
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x