Undone by R. Phoenix and Morgan Noel

This book is totally different from what I would normally read. I do the odd Vampire or Angel but Fae is something I have never come across.
After reading it I would say to anyone who is a bit apprehensive, just go for it....
We enter a world where mortals and all sorts of beings come together. A casino run by a Fae who is feared by most, after all they are some of the most powerful creatures out there.
Leandro has a slave of sorts, an Incubus who feeds on the pleasure of others. He is regularly loaned out to punters to get them in the mood to spend money.
For Kol it was the perfect situation, until he went a step too far and allowed a human inside him. When the punishment starts, he wants out. It's then that he realises he wont be allowed to leave alive and we get to see the fear and desperation, the lengths he will go to to be free.
The story is gripping, emotional and you desperately want a happy outcome for Kol.
Join him on his journey to see if he makes it...
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x