A Collision with Reality by Storm Duffy

A Collision with Reality by Storm Duffy 3.5 stars


This is a short erotic story that wastes no time getting down to business! Flynn works in an office where his new boss Dom fills his every fantasy. At night Flynn goes home and online describes in detail what he’d like to do with his boss and what exactly his Dom should do to Flynn. The online forum Flynn visits is supposed to be anonymous so there is no holding back and things get quite graphic – so much so that Flynn often has to take things in his own hand to work out his frustrations. One day at work, Dom calls Flynn into his office to ask about some of his ‘online’ activity. Do things take the turn of Flynn’s fantasies or is a more sinister disciplinary in the cards.


Storm Duffy does not hold back. Her story is hot and erotic and wonderfully dirty. This is graphic stuff and left me wanting more…much more. I would have liked a bit more than just a short story here as I felt some of the circumstances were a bit implausible and more detail would probably have curtailed that. However, I enjoyed it for what it was and it left me with a nice buzz for the rest of the day. I shall be checking out more of this author’s work.