Chase the Ace by Clare London

Sometimes trying to rediscover old friends and revisit the past doesn't always work out.

Daniel remembered one long ago summer with fondness.

It was a time where his life was perfect, his parents were still alive and he became part of a group of boys who played a game....

Chase the Ace was something that led to a kiss he would never forget and he wanted to find his old friends and work out which one it had been. The kiss had been in the dark and it stayed with him all these years.

 Finding one of them on facebook led to a road trip of discovery and hope.

Nick wasn't one of the Gang of Four, his brother was. He connected with Daniel and together they went on his quest.

Nick's secret is one that Daniel never contemplated but that changed everything.

I loved the idea of this book, a little adventure, reliving childhood hopes and dreams in a bid to find answers.

The fact that the two men met for the first time in a pub which I have been in made it all more real for me.

Yet another great book from this author, I always wait for new releases and am never disappointed.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x