NACHOS AND HASH by Brandon Witt

Nachos and Hash by Brandon Witt – 5 stars


Brandon Witt has once again written us a book that draws you I and makes you fall in love with is characters straight away. This book is set in and around Hamburger Mary’s in Denver and follows the developing relationship between Cody and Darwin. They are both from very small mid-West towns in America but that’s the only thing they have in common. Cody works in Hamburger Mary’s loving the freedom to be gay and revelling in his new found family. Darwin has a high powered job and opportunity to date at will. It is during one of these dates at Hamburger Mary’s when Darwin notices the beautiful Cody and that’s it for him. After endless dates with banal and boring men, Darwin was beginning to despair that his one true love was never going to appear. Cody however, doesn’t think he is anywhere good enough for the gorgeous blond Darwin and this is the issue they have to battle if they want to have a future together.


Both characters are excellent individuals and full of personality however, Cody is the angsty one and of course I absolutely adored him. Brandon sets the scene so descriptively I felt like I was actually in the crowd watching Cody and Darwin’s love affair take bloom and it was a beautiful thing to behold. This book was written with much sensitivity and at times was heart wrenching. The sex was off the charts hot but relevant to the story and contributed to how Cody and Darwin feel about each other and how they feel about sex with one another and what it means emotionally for each of them. Overall there is a massive feel good factor in this book that provoked lots of sighing and ‘awwwing’. It’s a great story with excellent additional characters that hopefully will feature in the rest of the series. This one was easy to read, heart warmingly sexy, and totally absorbing. I loved it and can’t wait for the next book in the series.