I honestly don't know where to start!!

I absolutely adore this series and you couldn't get a manlier, hotter, sexier more gorgeous group of men if you tried.

There is not one of them in the whole series that I dislike.

So in book 5 we are starting off back with God and Day.

It's been a while since God accepted his proposal and Day is left feeling a bit unwanted. Every time he tries to bring up wedding plans, God makes an excuse and leaves.

It's putting a strain on things and starting to seep in to the work dynamic.

We get to meet Tech in this book, the brains behind the scene, he runs all their programs and intel, looks after their weapons and basically is integral to the unit.

Yoounger than the rest of the guys, he feels like he constantly has to prove his worth so when a new recruit is sent in he tries to impress with finding out about his background.

Steele is a man who had more or less given up on life, losing his partner in the marines had left him bitter. Although they hadn't been together, if he had survived that's where they would have ended up.

When he meets his new team, the nerdy guy in the back is the one that catches his eye but when he mentions his dead partner all hell breaks loose.

It's a rocky induction but once it gets sorted, the book takes off in all directions....

We get to hear about how all the other guys are doing as familiar faces come in to the story, God and Day find themselves struggling and the relationship between Tech and Steele intensifies until it erupts in a seriously hot way.

This book is just as action packed as all the others and I didn't want it to end.

5 out of 5 explosive stars.

Sue x