REUNITED by Felice Stevens

I was sent this book to review and have just realised there was one before it. Very quickly went straight to Amazon to rectify this as I didn't want to miss out on any of Ryder and Jason's story.

These guys are just perfect for each other, they may have the odd issue but who doesn't?

This book gives you everything you could possibly want, the love story, the cute kid, the perfect family but also the messed up one. Oh and let's not forget the most adorable dogs ever!!!

Leaving a hateful person behind is sometimes harder than you would think, especially when it's your own mother.

When Ryder and Jason's little girl becomes gravely ill, they have to turn to the only person that doesn't accept who they are.

It's not something either of them are happy with but they are left with no choice and when Ryder decides to face his demon alone, Jason starts to question why he is even in the relationship and how they move forward.

A beautiful story that shows you that even the hardest heart can be melted and that there is almost always a reason behind the hate.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x