Moments in Time by Adam Stevens

Moments In Time: It is never too late to start over (Moments In Time Series Book 1) by Adam Stevens – 3 stars

I haven’t read anything by Adam Stevens previously and it took a little while to get used to his eclectic writing style. It felt a bit like I was inside his head and at times jumped around confusing me so that I had to go back and re-read. However, the plus point to this is that you really develop empathy with the characters. Especially Georgie in this case and I felt like I was on journey with him, experiencing his life changes with him and all the highs and lows that involved.

We meet Georgie at the lowest point in his life where suicide may be his only option, yet a flicker of hope stops him and he makes a decision to give himself a shot at life after all. It’s a fantastic choice and as we see from chapter to chapter, Georgie has good days and bad days but most of all he moves forward with his life growing stronger with each new experience.

I don’t know but I suspect the author has drawn heavily on his own history and this made me a bit sad to think he has suffered in the past. However, although there are a lot of negative issues in the book, the overall story left me with a positive expectation of great things to come; like Georgie is on an upward spiral and life in all its glory is going to embrace Georgie in the future.

I’m not sure that this series is one for me but judging by the popularity of the author and his existing good reviews, I do think there will be a big audience for this kind of book. If you are looking for something a bit different than the average MM romance which is gritty and angsty, this may be for you.