Flaunt by Ed Davies

This was a great book. The storyline was engaging and the plot was solid but mostly it was the characters that held my interest. E Davies has created two strong and memorable men in Nic and Kyle and I loved their unique and intriguing personalities. Nic moves to LA to work as computer programmer for a company that provides software support to Kyle’s LGBTQ+ charity, which is how the two men meet. Nic comes from a quiet Milwaukee town to the promising suburbs of LA to hopefully find not only himself but someone who will love him for who he is. Nic is a trans man and gay. He has had some opportunity to explore what this means but is still in the fledgling stages hindered somewhat by his quiet personality. When Nic meets Kyle it motivates him to push his boundaries and edge out of his comfort zones for the chance to be with someone as eclectic and dynamic as Kyle.

Kyle loves his job with a passion but it doesn’t pay so well. No matter he gets by and still manages to be a good dad to the adorable little boy he had with his best friend Evie. Kyle is also gay and dresses in a flamboyant style sometimes femme but always colourful and gorgeous. He meets Nic when the charity’s systems need to be updated and they hit it off immediately. Evie works for the same company as Nic and over the next few weeks there are lots of opportunities for Kyle and Nic to get to know one another better. However, sinister forces come into play and the building where the charity is housed is destroyed in an arson attack with Kyle narrowly missing out on being seriously hurt. Nic offers Kyle a place to stay that is safe from possible attackers and their relationship blossoms.

As the story develops and we get to know more about the characters, I felt like I was being included in something sensual and private and terribly intimate. The sex was hot as Kyle and Nic have off the charts sexual chemistry but with the quirks of Nic being trans, it was a real eye opener as to the challenges that presents. Luckily, for Nic and Kyle it wasn’t an issue and Kyle’s effortless acceptance of Nic for the person he is was quite beautiful.

E Davies has taken a relatively sensitive issue and made it accessible. He has written a character who is neither preachy or obsessed with himself but who is ambitious for all the normal things in life like love, children, security and success which really makes him no different to any of us. And isn’t that the point? Well done E Davies for this wonderful story and I look forward to reading more books in this series soon.

5 stars