Destined to Fall by Louisa Mae

When Andrew stumbles upon an injured man he didn't know it would change his very existence....

Being an Angel was something you were chosen to be, it wasn't like you could hand in a CV and hope for the best. At the point of your death you were taken and saved in a different way to most.

Andrew had died saving the one he loved and now he spent his time looking after others, he was there for the lost, broken and the ones that needed a guiding hand, whether they knew it or not.

Have you ever been having a hard time, felt completely at a loss and then all of a sudden a calming influence comes over you? That's Andrew!!!

While with Simon at the hospital waiting for him to pass, Andrew did as he was asked and contacted Josh, Simon's partner.

He was supposed to pass on last words of love and comfort to the bereaved man, what he never thought would happen was that they would fall in love. Literally fall....

Being with a human isn't allowed, you can talk to them, help them, even sleep with them but physically spending your life with one and being in love is not possible.

For Andrew though, there has to be a way.

When he finds out things about his past and the secrets that were kept from him, all he knows is that the only way for him to ever be happy is with Josh.

Now obviously if you have a good Angel there always has to be a little bit of evil in the story to balance it out and this is where I am hoping the next book might come from.

There is a character in this one that hides in the shadows, I hope he comes out to play.

An absolutely brilliant book, well written and imaginative and I couldn't put it down.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue xx