When Irish Eyes are Smiling by Matthew Robbins

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling by Matthew Robbins 4 stars

 I enjoyed this new book by Matthew Robbins very much and will certainly be checking out more of his work.

Felix is abandoned in a little Irish Town by his 2 fellow American travelling mates following a disastrous night out resulting in a drugged and drunk Felix running rampage on the place and leaving his mark in the most inappropriate of places. After Ronan discovers him pretty much naked lying near the roadside, a catalogue of catastrophic events ensue whereby Felix finds himself having to pay recompense in the form of manual labour at Ronan’s farm. Ronan who is rendered useless after Felix ran him over with his own truck, is rather gorgeous and Felix develops a crush on him that he suspects will be forever unrequited. However, one disaster after another finds Felix searching for ways to help Ronan save his farm until his friends arrive to retrieve him and Felix has a decision to make.

The story was original, quirky and very amusing with a strong plotline that really held my interest. Felix is a delightful and sexy character with a brilliant personality and a great sense of fun. Ronan has a lot more depth and as his layers are uncovered he also proves to be very entertaining. The book was quite short, yet it was compact and clever and extremely compelling; a real page turner. The writing style flowed well and all RJ characters had distinct 'voices' so was easy to follow. I recommend this book as a very satisfying read which left me feeling keen for this authors next book.