Dead Camp 4 (The End Game part 1) by Sean Kerr

Dead Camp 4 End Game pt 1 by Sean Kerr - 5 stars

Firstly there aren't enough stars to rate this amazing book. I have read the first three Dead Camp stories and was waiting very impatiently for the next in the series to be released, at the same time hoping and praying that the author was able to maintain the quality. He did. In fact I would say as amazing at the first 3 were, there was more heart and emotion in this one.

We pick up the story with Eli, Mal and Isaac preparing to return to wartime London. I won't give any spoilers away because DC4 is a continuation of the story set up in the first 3 books so it's impossible to comment without divulging details and I wouldn't want to ruin it for anyone. However, suffice it to say that the gore and the violence and the passion runs high and packs a powerful impact on the reader from the very start.

This book is intense. There are many revelations with only a few answers, but enough to satisfy for the moment. It was thrilling, absorbing, filthy, passionate, raw and heart wrenching. The amount of research done by Sean Kerr is clearly evident as the level of detail is accurate and authentic.

I was thoroughly mesmerised from start to finish. The vivid descriptions made it feel like a movie running through my head and I could practically hear and see the streets of wartime London through the eyes of the Dead Camp characters.

This is a well written, thrilling tale that delves into sensitive areas, yet the author handles it all with style and consideration. He makes no apology for distorting what we deem to be the truth and letting his imagination run wild. It makes for fantastic reading and I don't think I drew a breath until the last word. I love the Dead Camp series for its originality but also because it's funny, sexy, deviant and depraved. Excellent stuff. Sean Kerr has a real job on his hands with the final book - I can't wait for Dead Camp 5!