Hunter (Brawlers 4) by JM. Dabney

As we head back to Brawler's Bar I can't wait to see what Hunter's story will bring.
He is one of the biggest guys at the bar and from his scarred, battered looks some would say the scariest.
Wren is the cop assigned to keep an eye on the bar. what he is really doing is keeping a close watch on Hunter, not because he thinks he's trouble but because what he actually wants is the man himself.
Using the excuse of pulling Hunter over, he gets a closer look at him and he likes what he sees.
Linus is Hunter's friend, seemingly quiet and he keeps to himself. The one thing he dreams of is having Hunter to himself...
After a drunken kiss he thinks he's ruined the friendship forever.
Hunter is confused, he can't decide and doesn't want to hurt either man so when he's honest and tells Wren that Linus kissed him, the last thing he expected was to go from having no one to having two men in his life.
This book is the perfect addition to a lovely series and I can't wait to see what comes next.
4 out of 5 stars.
Sue x