One Plus One by P.A. Friday

Falling in love with your mother's best friend isn't the ideal thing to do, even if he is only ten years older than you...
James had loved Laurie from the first time he had seen him. When he started to be a regular fixture at his house, the teenager and his hormones went in to overdrive.
With only his best friend Al to confide in, the years were very lonely. Even being away at college didn't help, he just couldn't bring himself to care about anyone else when Laurie was always in his mind.
Al on the other hand was the complete opposite....
He made the most of his time away and slept with whoever he wanted.
Over the years, many things in his house changed but Laurie was always there, how was he ever going to move on?
This is a lovely book, each word lets you feel the emotions that they are all going through and I liked all the characters.
i look forward to reading more from this series.
4 out of 5 stars.
Sue x