The Birthday Present by Sean Kerr

Don't be expecting Dead Camp guys - this is a short, funny but poignant snapshot that catches a moment in someone's life that we can all identify with on some level. We meet Ronald who is preparing food for his birthday party. While baking he muses on the state of his love life which as a mid-forties single gay man is middling to none. Ronald lacks confidence in his looks - he sees himself as average and over weight and fears he will never attract anyone. He can't compete with the younger men on the singles market and laments the days it was so easy to get laid. In other news, a group of local school kids have taken to bullying him to the extent Ronald has notified the police. Knee deep in flour, the door bell rings and when Ronald answers it the Police Sex God Hunk is standing there ready to take his statement. Ronald wants him to take more than that....And that's my synopsis. No more spoilers from me but suffice it to say I was fist pumping the air shouting "go Ronni" at one pivotal moment after Andy's arrival.

Loved this from Sean Kerr. On the surface it is a sexy, amusing, slightly angsty tale. The underlying message came through loud and clear though and made me think far beyond the end of this fun read. Everyone should read this and maybe learn a little something from it.