Down on the Farm by Silvia Violet

Down on The Farm by Silvia Violet - 4 stars


What a lovely book! I really enjoyed reading this. It was a true romance with no evil twists of hard edges. There was a little bit of angst to stir up the time line but other than that it was a real treat.


The main characters are Beck and Cal. They have known each other pretty much all their lives but through high school Beck felt like Cal bullied him a bit and didn’t like him. They live on neighbouring properties with Cal now running his family farm. Beck’s Grandma has a house next door and Cal’s family pestered her for years to sell off some of her property to them but she refused. Beck has come back to his Grandma’s house after she passed away to lick his wounds. He was a teacher but due to being gay he was accused of not being suitable for the job. Even though there was a hearing to refute all these claims and found him more than capable of being a good teacher, Beck quit his job and decided to take some time out.


Cal is running the farm now that his parents have retired to Florida but he is super sensitive to the fact that he is an out Gay man and truly believes that if he is in a relationship this will affect his business within the mostly close minded God fearing community.


Once Cal discovers Beck is back living next door he knows he has a challenge on his hands. Beck has been his secret desire since high school. He often dreams about the nerdy, gorgeous boy who stole his heart, but he knows he will never be able to have Beck.


Beck cannot believe how utterly stunning Cal has become. He always fancied him but now the man has muscles and muscles and muscles and Beck is frustrated that his boy parts are betraying his heart and brain, because when Cal comes to visit, all Beck can do is lust after the one man he shouldn’t.


This sets the scene and the dynamic for the story which takes us on a journey of discovery for both men about themselves and about each other. There is a great supporting cast of nosy interfering neighbours and a beautiful and wise dog called Katie. The story is well written, amusing in parts but thoroughly engaging throughout. It is sexy, clever and heart-warming, while tackling very real issues that gay men face every day. I thought this was a great book.