Promises Part 3 by AE Via

Yet another fabulous book from this author. Her characters never fail to get my heart racing.
In this one we get to know more about Ford and Dana.
Both men are big in every way but Ford has a few inches on Dana and I can only imagine how he makes Dana feel when he towers over him.
The leather, the ammunition, the muscles and the beards all make for some powerful images.
Ford is 46 and feels like Dana would never be interested in him, Dana looks up to the older man and wants nothing more than a chance to show him he's not a boy.
The dance they do around each other leads to some hot moments in the book that left me wanting so much more!!
We get to see what makes them tick as we find out more about how Ford saved his mute brother Brian and how Dana has always felt the need to prove himself.
I can't wait for book 4 in the series.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x