All In by A.T. Brennan

This is not an author I have read before and I will now be buying more of their books.
I love discovering new authors, the genre is expanding and with each new book it draws more readers in which can only be a good thing...
In this book there are several topics covered, gay bashing, discovering that one of the characters isn't as straight as he thinks and coming out.
It is all done in a sympathetic and interesting way which keeps you hooked on their story.
Blaze had changed his name and tried to leave his old life behind, living on the streets had seen him do some things he wasn't proud of but he had survived.
When being beaten on a night out led him to meet his saviour, the most handsome man he had ever seen, he was gutted that Galen was straight....
Maybe it was for the best, after all who would want someone who had sold himself to survive?
For some reason Galen couldn't get Blaze out of his head and when the younger man called for his help he was only too glad. There was an attraction there he couldn't deny and he was going to act on it...
Both men have reasons for being cautious, Blaze is used to being treated badly and Galen can't figure out if he is now gay or if it's just Blaze he wants. When he tries to give himself time to think, Blaze thinks he has been used again and it's up to Galen to convince him it's what he wants.
Their story is a sweet one and I loved the way they tiptoe around each other and try and do whats's for the best, even though they know they both want more.
4.5 out of 5 stars. 
Sue x