Burning Luck by Layla Dorine

Ok so this author has a few books out but it's only recently that I have read them and can I say, I will now read whatever she writes...
I love MC books and I love BDSM stories but most I have read have been MF so this was just perfect for me.
When Lucky Strike loses his father due to a long illness, the club rallies round the young member and tries to help. All he wants is to be dominated and taken out of himself so he can experience the good kind of pain. 
When Mark, the president, offers him up to two of his best friends, he knows that they will make him soar. One condition though is a blindfold and earplugs!
When Lucky's other dad can't cope with the grief of losing his partner, he does the only thing that will make him feel better and now Lucky really is alone.
Rebelling against everything he knows he gets deeper into trouble and when Thorn and Cain want to step in and reveal who they are, things go from bad to worse.
Mark decides he needs to leave the club with the two men and Lucky is left feeling more unwanted than ever before, he has no clue who these men are so pushes them away every chance he gets.
Thorn and Cain have been together for fifteen years, they have a D/s relationship that is mainly kept to the bedroom and they want to share their life with Lucky. Having played with him a few times they can't keep away.
What will happen when he finds out that these are the only men who make him feel anything?
Has he pushed too far this time?
Can anyone really love the man who made both his father's leave him?
This book is beautifully written and leaves just enough to the imagination to leave you wanting more.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x