Smitty's Sheriff (Hope#3) by Cardeno. C

This is a lovely series that will warm your heart. Beautiful stories all about love....
Todd has worked in his family's store all his life, he is young, impulsive and easily bored.
Richard is the town sheriff and had loved Todd for years but after a three year relationship had walked away to stop his heart from being broken. Being the older man he felt that all he wanted was to settle down but when Todd admitted to hooking up in his spare time with other men, he knew he couldn't share.
For six months they had tried to avoid each other, Richard because it was too hard and Todd because he didn't actually know what he had done wrong.
When Richard's ex wife, Todd's sister is called away for work, both men are left sharing responsibility for the baby and have to live together. It's wasn't going to be easy but gradually they begin to open up again and talk.
Can true love win the day or will jealousy end things once and for all?
I loved the setting for these books, all of the men in them fit perfectly together and I hope there is more to the series.
4.5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x