Dead Camp 4 (The End Game part 1) by Sean Kerr

Each installment of this series leaves me speechless at the genius behind the story.
I have read in to the thousands of books, this series makes my top three and I can't see that changing.
The absolute power of the story takes your breath away and changes your perception on everything you thought you knew as the author rewrites history.
The characters are well rounded and gloriously in depth, the tale itself spans the ages and the way it makes you question the world is just pure brilliance.
In this book we head back to London, I can already feel how painful it will be just by knowing this is where Malachi's story started and his life ultimately ended.
Eli and Mal have been together for many years and although they love one another, things are changing for them both. Issac is still hunting for his son and hopes that in London, things will lead them back to one another.
We know the threat is getting greater with each book and in London we get to meet some famous names from history who are trying to save the world. whether they can pull it off or not is another matter. 
What with angels, demons, vampires and ghosts all in the mix, the story takes us to places and situations you never would have thought were possible but it's all done so well you can almost believe it.
The author has done an amazing amount of research and deserves more than the 5 stars that I can give this book.
I know book five is going to rip me apart but hopefully I will survive, not entirely sure that my heart will though!!
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue xx