On His Knees (RiverHart 5) by Adira August

On HIs Knees - 5 stars

This is a BDSM story that does not conform to the usual romanticised scenarios that are commonly written about. The main character is Hunter Dane. He is a police detective whose social life revolves around a secret BDSM club called Scene and Not Heard. He is a sub with a multitude of hard limits which means the Doms hardly feel as if he submits at all! There is one man who Hunter has never played with, Camden Snow. Cam is a Winter Olympic champion who also happens to resemble a blond Norse God. When Hunter has a particularly harrowing day at work he escapes to the sanctuary of SANH with the intention of finally asking Cam to be his Dom for the night. Hunter needs someone to obliterate the horrible thoughts and images running though his head and Cam has a reputation for extreme play.


Indeed, Cam has no limits; does not permit safe words and has wanted Hunter for his sub for years. When they come together the chemistry is electric and the dynamic between them defies convention. It is these two factors that make this book utterly absorbing and phenomenally sexy. I was mesmerised by the vivid depictions of Cam's unique expertise at domination and Hunter's total submission. 


At times I found this book stark and dark, humorous and sad, but always fascinating. I couldn't put it down and the first thing I did when I finished was order the next book in the series. I will definitely re-read On His Knees an highly recommend this to anyone that likes their men damaged, gorgeous, sadistic and sexy.