Crossroads by James Lee Hard

I liked this story, the young innocent boy who carries his crush with him through life while he is forced to hide his true self and the man who tried so hard to leave his old life behind.
For Ethan being gay was not an option, his mother wouldn't allow it...
He was forced in to an engagement with a woman he would never love so his mother's social standing wouldn't be affected and he needed to escape.
He had dreamed of the young boy who worked at his grandmother's house, wanted nothing more than to see a man's body in the flesh..
Dan had tried so hard to make it work on his own but being left in the lurch with mountains of debt meant he was back helping his father's old employer.
Never did he think he would come face to face with the boy who had seen him naked all those years ago!
The old feelings soon resurface and they begin a slow coming together that changes their whole perception on life.
Will Ethan be able to pull away from his mother and will Dan fit in to a more affluent life.
Only time will tell..
4 out of 5 stars.
Sue x