A Chance for Moore and Love You, Moore by Alex Miska



This is the first book in the Moore series and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The Moore brothers come from a close knit family and their inner circle includes their friends and work colleagues all of whom feature largely throughout the book. I found all the characters to be well developed with strong personalities and individual identities. The writing style shows skill and makes for easy reading but it is in no way below standard. Alex Miska has a great imagination and is wonderfully descriptive and I found the characters came to life vividly.


This story centres around geeky maths nerd Chance and hulky, bulky but intelligent, Logan. They have known each other for years as Logan is the younger brother of Greg who is about to be married to Dani who happens to be Chance’s best friend. Chance is gay and has been crushing on Logan for years, but the all-American ex footballer turned baker, is straight. Isn’t he? Well apparently, Logan is about to come out of the deep, deep, closet he has been stuck in for his entire life, and the person he thinks can help is his secret crush, Chance.


What ensues is a wonderful, whimsical tale. There are lots of side stories that add to the main thread around Chance’s and Logan’s budding relationship. For instance, somewhere along the line years ago, Chance mistakenly believed Logan to be a secret spy. The way the author weaves that into the story is hilarious. Logan is actually just a baker and has his own bakery where a lot of the action takes place. There are many occasions where the friends and family get together including all the dogs and cats and we get to know the other characters quite well through these meetings. The scenarios are exciting and happy and so well written I felt like I was part of them!


The story does have a twist whereby Chance’s safety is threatened by an unknown stalker and this really cements the direction of Chance and Logan’s future, but to tell anymore would be too ‘spoiling’. I highly recommend this for a feel good, amusing, absorbing and enjoyable read. Oh, and it’s sexy…so, so sexy! Can’t wait to get right into the next book…



Love You, Moore (Moore Romance Book 2) by Alex Miska  5 STARS


This is the second book in the Moore series. I loved the first book and was extremely eager to move on to the second and I was not disappointed. In fact I loved this one even Moore.


Julian and Xander were characters to die for – the kind that will stay with me long after I have read the book. In the first book Chance and Logan were great but in my opinion, Julian and Xander are fantastic together and as individuals. Xander is big and sexy and brilliant and rich. He is out and proud but not loud whereas Julian’s volume is permanently set to high and his femme boy appearance eclectic and exotic. He also happens to be an expert in his field of mad IT skills and matches Xander for brains.


The storyline is brilliant and so well planned and executed I feel like the author has upped their game already which makes me think any future books are just going to get even better. Julian is such a wonderful character with so many nuances to his make-up I was totally compleed by him. He is smallish and beautiful looking with a unique sense of style and a huge heart. He cares about everyone so much so that he has neglected his own mental health to the detriment of his social life. Xander really is his knight in shining armour even if it took 3 years for him to come riding in on his metaphorical horse, to save Julian from hitting rock bottom emotionally and professionally.


Xander works with Chance and is Greg’s best friend and has become one of the inner circle. His family makes arms and his wealth is extensive due to the shares he has in the business, but Xander puts it all to great purpose by funding an LGBTQ+ residential and community centre. This pretty much sums up what a wonderful man he is. Having been in a relationship that went very bad, Xander is over protective of the ones he loves and no more so than Julian. When they goet over the things that kept them apart from their first fateful meeting 3 years ago, their relationship develops quickly and the journey to ever lasting love takes on a magical, bumpy, exciting and very sexy ride.


Julian is absolutely hilarious. I love him. Xander tries to come across as the big macho man but he has an adorable vulnerability that made me go ‘awww’ a lot! All the other characters are interesting and I really want to know more about their stories, especially Trip who is one of the friends.


If you want a well written, funny, heartfelt story involving lots of sexy, clever, witty men that draws you in until the very last page, then Alex Miska’s Love you, Moore is just the book for you.