Silken by Isobel Starling

When fantasy meets reality, sometimes it isn't at all what you imagined...

Meet Matthew, retired from his love of dancing due to an injury, he now manages property.

It might seem boring but he has found a way to brighten up his days.

Setting up an online profile was a genius move and he found himself in a relationship with a faceless Dom. Spending his time in empty properties, he now uses them as backdrops for the hot photos and videos he makes.

When he finds himself face to face with a drawer of silky, sensual underwear he can't help himself and tries some of it on.

Little does he know that the owner has had cameras installed and is at that very moment, getting hard watching him.

When the owner finds himself staring at his fantasy, all he can think of is touching the beautiful, sensuous man in his ex wifes lingerie.

Unfortunately things don't go quite as expected!!

A fantastic, seriously hot short read that left me wanting more time with these two men.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x