Painting with Fire by Lissa Kasey

Cast aside by family, Jessie has one nephew she talks to, Bastian.

Living on a remote island, his family dont like him or his ways but they don't mind his money. He is the only one that made something of himself and doesn't plan on sharing it with them.

When Jessie returns to the island for a family funeral, she stays with Bastian. At her side as always is her workmate and friend, Charlie.

Being on call for large fires isn't an easy job but they love it.

Staying with Bastian they get to see a side of him that no one else does, he paints dolls for a living and is surrounded by them.

He and Charlie seem to have a connection that they try to hide from Jessie but it becomes impossible.

Both men have their issues and work might force them apart but if they are willing to fight against the odds their lives will change for the better.

I loved the story, the dynamic between the three main characters and the developing love that the two men experience.

A lovely read.

4 out of 5 stars.

Sue x