Leaning into Love by Lane Hayes

4 stars
Eric is a successful businessman running a tech company he started with his best friend Nick. Nick and Eric were once lovers but now Nick is engaged to the daughter of one of their biggest investors. Eric and Nick’s circle of friends includes Zane, a surfer type who loves the water and is heavily into sailing boats, which is now his business. Eric and Zane have been friends since high school but now in the lead up to Nick’s wedding, they seem to want more from each other. Their relationship becomes more than just friends but it has an impact on those around them especially Nick. When Nick’s own relationship suffers he turns to Eric but things don’t exactly fall into place like Nick wants which in turn threatens Eric and Zane being together. 
Leaning into Love is a sweet, sexy romance with a huge feel good factor about it. It is adorably predictable and yet not at all cheesy. The characters are well developed and have great personality traits and I can see me reading the rest of the series as I’ve already fallen in love with Eric and Zane. My only wish is that this book was a little bit longer with more in depth detail, yet I still enjoyed it immensely. I look forward to the next one.