College Discipline by Caitlin Ricci

College Discipline by Caitlin Ricci - 3 stars


This book is four short stories featuring young boys who are looking for more than love and romance. Each one has a specific kink whether they realise it or not and each tale is about how they meet a certain someone who accommodates their deepest, darkest desires. The author sets the background for each story before embarking on explicit and descriptive sex scenes. They are all different but the theme follows a learning experience for at least one of those involved reflecting the words of the title. Every character is either gay or bi and up for exploring sex with strangers.


I thought the stories were fairly original but I wasn’t a fan of how short they were as I wanted more of a build-up and less of a rush to get to the sex parts. I was disappointed that the situations were incredibly unrealistic and although fantasy should take you away from real life, it all felt a bit clichéd. Contrary to that I did get a good sense of the characters’ personalities and their desires as the author has an easy style of writing that is clear and well-constructed, however, the scenarios just felt a little too contrived for me.


Although I wasn’t blown away by this book, I did enjoy aspects of it and I am keen to read more of Caitlin Ricci’s work, particularly one of her books that isn’t split into short stories.