Class Distinctions by Rick R Reed

Class Distinctions by Rick R Reed 3.5 stars


Jonathan is 19 and in the throes of sweet young love. His best friend on campus became the love of his life and soulmate six months ago and now on this holiday weekend they have opted to stay at school and spend three days locked away together. Jonathan has plans to make this a romantic weekend to remember but when Kyle turns up at his door looking sad and resigned, Jonathan gets the biggest shock when Kyle breaks off their relationship saying he doesn’t love Jonathan anymore.


Nothing could be further from the truth and this short story tentatively explores Kyle’s issues with class distinction. Would Jonathan and his well to do family ever be able to see past Kyle’s poor background? Kyle doesn’t want to take the risk and finishes things before ‘family weekend’ but he hadn’t counted on Jonathan’s strength of character and depth of love.


Rick R Reed writes nicely and it’s easy to get lost in the story. The two boys are engaging and believable and the plotline is a good one, however I thought the story was too short for the subject matter to be explored properly. I was left disappointed at the rushed ending and would have liked to know a bit more how things panned out. However, I was engaged very much up to that point and would be tempted to read Rick’s other books. His writing is full of emotion and nicely descriptive and Class Distinctions made for an easy and enjoyable quick read.