Weight for Happiness by Jason Collins


Weight For Happiness by Jason Collins 3.5 Stars
This was a cute story focussing on how we are much more than aesthetics! The person inside is our true self but getting past the exterior is not easy for everyone.

Crippled by self disgust, Jeremy is hesitant to attend his first day at work in a new company. He has worked at home writing and blogging about food, his greatest passion in life, but when his old company is bought out he is summoned to go into the office to meet his new colleagues. Jeremy checks them all out online first and is shocked to see how fit and beautiful they all are, especially Ryan.
Over the past few months Jeremy has put on 40 pounds due to letting his exercise regime and healthy eating slide. Junk food and ice cream is his friend and he can't seem to get motivated to lose the weight. Ryan however doesn't seem the least bit fazed by how out of shape Jeremy is and offers to meet him at the gym to work out together. Jeremy can't believe that the amazingly fit and gorgeous Ryan is attracted to him and doubts plague their fledgling relationship. Their boss Mark, is also aggressively scathing towards Jeremy and when Ryan is out of the picture, Mark makes Jeremy's life miserable.
Jason Collins has written a sweet and sexy book touching on subjects that affect us all and it's easy to relate to the characters' self doubts. There is a lot of analysis between Jeremy and his best friend Denise, perhaps a little too much and the story wasn't  particularly exciting during those parts. I would have liked a bit more action between Jeremy and Ryan as their dynamic is great, but overall I enjoyed this book.