In The Doghouse by Chris Quinton

After all the years that Jerry had spent dreaming about Mike and the kiss that ended their friendship, he didn't think they would reconnect when he was on the run with a greyhound....

At 18 years of age, out and proud and caught up in the moment, he had made the mistake of kissing his friend. When Mike moved away he thought that was it.

The families still lived next door to each other so he got the odd update but had tried to forget his first crush.

When his dad's prize greyhound is doped, he has to go on the run to save Spot from the local bad guys.

Driving aimlessly he finds himself asking Mike for help. Would the very straight Mike see past their differences and help?

A lovely little novella about true love and how it never dies, add in the amazing Spot and the book is a winner.

4 out of 5 stars.

Sue x