Find Me by Brina Brady

5 years on and we find Dmitri and Brennen still married, living happily with their daughter Dominika.

All seems to be going well until a face from the past wants Dmitri to help him...

Brennen isn't happy as you can imagine,  Dmitri is out of the game and it is safer that way.

Also the unwelcome figure of Nika returns and wants to see her daughter.

As usual Bren is made to feel left out and unloved, his husband is getting into something dangerous and the woman who still wants him is back to turn his daughter against him.

The push and pull between the two men follows throughout this series and keeps you involved in their story. One always acting up out of fear of losing his man and the other trying to keep him safe but ultimately worrying he is too old for his husband.

You can always see the love but sadly they cant.

When things turn deadly and Bren is left alone, Dmitri's brothers put aside their differences and go to save him.

Will it all end well for these men? After all they have been through so much to try and be together.

Another fantastic book....

5 out of 5 stars.

 Sue x