Troy: Out of the Dark by J.J. Harper

Survival is what this book is about....

Troy is taking life a day at a time after losing Franco. The man had once described Troy as his forever and in the end he was, now Troy needs to get out there and find his forever!!

Raff had left his old life behind, an abusive father had literally tried to beat him straight.

When he goes for a job at De' Ath of You Enterprises and finally meets the CEO he has been talking to, he is hit with a sense of belonging.

Will the two men be able to overcome the tragedies they have suffered and start to heal together.

This book is powerful, it covers many issues like loss, abandonment and abuse in a very sympathetic and understanding way and is a fantastic follow up to the first story.

Although at times I felt like some bits went too fast and I wanted more, that is maybe just me wanting the story to last longer.

4 out of 5 stars.

Sue x