Corporate Bodies by A.E. Ryecart

5 stars
Jake is a rising star at a reputable city firm. He has a great social life and extremely good friends in Archie, Zack and Rick. Everything is going well for him except his Achilles heel, Charlie Da Costa. Charlie has been stringing Jake along for 10 years flitting in and out of his bed with empty promises leaving Jake’s heart in tatters and his body bruised and abused. Jake’s friends see Charlie for what he is, a greedy bully, but Jake remembers a time when Charlie was his saviour and those feelings have lingered and prevented Jake from moving on. Until the arrival of Oliver Lester to head up Jake’s firm. The man is a walking sex dream; devastatingly attractive exuding power from every pore. Oliver is 20 years older than Jake but all Jake sees is his gorgeousness and he thinks for the first time in 10 years that there is someone he wants more than Charlie.
Oliver has been in New York for over 20 years making a success of himself in corporate finance. He was practically married to his partner Brad for all that time but always putting work first cost Oliver his relationship and he has returned to London persuaded by his best friend Roland, to start over again. Oliver spots Jake instantly and becomes immediately infatuated with the beautiful young man, yet he is plagued with doubts and lacks confidence in his ability to be a good lover. The age difference bothers him too, plus they both come with a lot of baggage. What ensues is the tale of their blossoming relationship with all the pitfalls and obstacles that threaten their happy ever after. It’s sexy and angsty and adorable with some harsher aspects too. 
AE Ryecart has written a thoroughly absorbing story that had me inhaling the pages with a keen desire to see where Jake and Oliver’s journey takes them. The book is well written and she has created properly developed main characters with a great set of support characters too. The story has many twists and turns but they are all relevant to the main thread and make for a compelling tale of how love can conquer all. Oliver is a man with many layers and his cleverly constructed personality is very interesting. Jake is more transparent and his emotional rollercoaster incited so much angst it literally made my heart ache.
I loved this book so much. I thought the love story of Jake and Oliver was excellently portrayed along with grittier and sexier aspects that were relevant and emotive. I couldn’t put this book down and I highly recommend it for a very satisfying read.