The Moore the Merrier by Alex Miska

5 stars

I just adored this novella which is the third book in the series. It is much lighter than the first two books and told from the perspectives of many different characters.

You have to have read the first two books to enjoy this one and as I loved the previous books I found The Moore the Merrier to be an absolute treat.

The story focuses on the lead up to Xander and Julian's wedding and all the aggravation in making plans for their dream day. We also get to know more about the teenage twin boys who turn out to be Chance's brothers and how Chance and Logan become their guardians. The other two teenagers at the Safe Harbour LGBT shelter, Kendall and Marcus also feature along with all the other characters in the first two books.

An especially delightful aspect are the chapters written from the various pets' points of view. They are hysterical and really cute.

The story is wonderful and full of all the feels. The Moore men and their partners and circle of friends and family are all engaging and sexy and funny and kind and oozing love all over the place. They are the kind of clique everyone wants to belong to and the type of family everyone wishes they were a part of. I have fallen in love with each and every character and animal that appear throughout the three books. They all have very distinct personalities and feel like old friends.

I highly recommend the Moore Series for a captivating, sexy and emotional read. I hope Alex Miska has plans for more books about this amazing group as I'm dying to know if Trip and Quinn both get an HEA too and I'm sure the kids and the animals have many more entertaining antics up their sleeves!