A Royal Craving and A Royal Promise by Elaine White

I began a Royal Craving with an immense sense of anticipation based on the first couple of chapters. The author sets a very exciting scene and introduces us to the main character of Spencer, who is just adorable. Prosper the Vampire King also features early on and when the two meet for the second time and begin a relationship, I expected the story to continue with as much intensity as it began. I was a little disappointed and felt that the story line was diluted too much with unnecessary excessive detail around every conversation. The secondary characters Parry and Davian were great and held much promise but I found myself lost in all the to and fro of the storyline. I had to go back several times where I dropped the plot to reacquaint myself with the thread of the story. Having said all of that however, the characters were engaging and interesting and I enjoyed the dynamic between them. The sex scenes were hot and their affection towards one another very endearing. I found the creation of this new future to be a little weak on detail and could not get into the lack of advancement just due to the sun fading. I would have imagined a powerful race such as Vampires to enhance the future for their own benefit if nothing else, so I wasn’t wholly on board with the author’s vision of the future. Mpreg aside, because although this is pure fantasy, I thought the topic was covered pretty well in this instance. I gave this 3 stars because it’s obvious a tremendous amount of effort went into writing this story and I feel that if it was stripped back a bit it would be very good.


A Royal Promise by Elaine White – 3 stars


Having just read A Royal Craving it was great to be able to pick up on some of the periphery characters in this collection of short stories based on the first book. I probably enjoyed this a lot more if I’m honest as the level of detail wasn’t so much. It was a perfect follow up for those that enjoyed A Royal Craving.