Snap Shot by V. L. Locey

Snap Shot is a novella following the Point Shot Trilogy that was so so good! The three previous books focused on the developing romance between ice hockey players Victor Kalinski and Dan Arou and in among their shenanigans we are introduced to Maria Seamus McGarrity and his beautiful trans girlfriend Lila. Snap Shot is their story, or at least a really good part of it.



V L Locey manages to successfully launch us into the middle of their affair. McGarrity is head over heels in love with the exotic model and travels to her town as often as possible however, the distance is taking its toll and he is seriously thinking of switching teams to be nearer, just to be in Lila’s life on a daily basis.


Lila loves her hottie Scottie Seamus and just as we think they might finalise their plans to live together happily ever after, a 15 year old grouchy teenage boy is thrown into the mix. Lila’s son Langley has been living with his grandparents but when his grandfather dies his grandmother sends him back to his father now mother, Lila. It’s a lot for them all to cope with and as Langley acts out it threatens the dynamic between McGarrity and Lila.


But they adore one another and their love affair is so sweet and hot and unique that you find yourself hoping and praying they will find a way to be together.


I loved this book. It was different as both main characters are as far from ‘run of the mill’ as you can get. They are both quirky and eccentric and passionate and daring and extremely good fun to read about. Their love for one another despite the many obstacles, is heart warming, and the sex is off the scales hot! Their chemistry is the soul of the book and all the other characters from the series feature too which makes this a really engaging and entertaining read. I loved it.


5 stars