The Struggle Within by Tyler May

What can I say....This author never fails to write a powerful book and I loved it.
For many, the struggles in this book are an everyday reality and I think the author does the situation justice.
I have known people who have suffered from abuse and the way it has been described resonated with me.
To see the developing story between Ryan and Jayson, the way that Jayson learns how to cope with the way he has to act and the right words to use is just perfect. Add this to the fact that Jayson is dealing with his own issues as well and the dynamic between the two is explosive.
Reading this book was like seeing the whole thing play out in front of you and you could actually feel the pain and suffering, the relief from finally being with someone who understands and the acceptance that finally you might have found someone who can help you live through it.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x