At Attention by Annabeth Albert

For years Dylan had a childhood crush on his older brother's friend Apollo. Big, manly, military uniformed Apollo. All he was though was the scrawny kid brother.
8 years later and he was home, finished with college and a changed man, both mentally and physically. years of playing football had given him the type of body that he desired in others.
Apollo was bringing up his two daughters alone after his husband had died. With his mother going away, his friend decided he needed help and as Dylan was home and had worked with kids for years, the perfect solution was right there, Dylan could move in and help.
Well, let me tell you, what happens when Dylan moves in kept me gripped and waiting with bated breath. The dynamic between the two men was absolutely spellbinding and I clung on to every word.
You knew the attraction was there, they knew it was there but Apollo still couldn't move on without guilt and Dylan didn't want to push.
The tentative passing touches, the light brushing of lips, it was only time before they exploded and then had to deal with the fallout.
This was a brilliant book and I loved every single moment of it and didn't want it to end.
5 out of 5 stars. 
Sue x