Personal Challenges by K.C. Wells

Having read the other books in this series a while ago, it took a bit of time to get back into it but as the stories of the characters came flooding back I began to re-immerse myself in their lives once again to my thorough enjoyment. The three main couples are in established relationships and we pick up their lives where they are all facing life changing situations. The author explores each 'challenge' with sensitivity, understanding and lots of informative detail. It was an emotional ride at times, yet the main message of love conquers all was very overt throughout and this was nice. Kc writes a lot of very different types of books and this series I much softer and sweeter and focuses on the more mature aspects of life in real situations. I have loved all the characters from the beginning of the 'Personal' series and it was amazing to see how their lives have developed over the years. I could relate to the way they bonded as close friends with each other and could empathise with their life experiences which is not something that always crosses over with mm books, however, the author has managed to make the mm aspect both irrelevant to the situation and significant at the same time. What I mean by that is that they are often experiencing the trials and tribulations of any relationship regardless of orientation but then there are some very specific challenges that come with being Gay too. I felt it depicted the struggles many gay men face today with good insight.

I found this story to be engaging and absorbing. The sex scenes were excellently described and entirely relevant, and very hot! The characters's stories were entwined and I loved how it all came together one way or another. a lovely read; heart warming, sensual, funny in parts and not too angsty. Highly recommend. 

4 stars