After the Snow by Lane Swift

They had shared the perfect Christmas together but now was the time to get back to reality, trouble was, for Dale that means trying to pay off the mountain of debt he has while hiding it all from Nick...
Nick thought of Dale as dependable and sensible, he had been messed around and taken for granted before and wanted a real relationship.
He thought he had that with Dale and was oblivious to the struggles that the man he loved was facing.
When Dale's secrets are revealed and a face from his past returns, will it all be too much for Nick or is it something that love can get them through.
This is a great second book to what is turning out to be a lovely story about two men who have different needs and insecurites but are learning to face them together. I love the fact that in the second book the dynamic has changed and now Dale is the more vulnerable of the two.
4.5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x