Turbulence by Kyan Christopher

When Hudson takes a flight to a work conference, little does he know the flight attendant who calms him down will save his life in other ways as well.
Levi didn't let many men in but had the odd fling on stopovers to keep him going. For some reason the guy who needed his help on his last flight had captivated him but it would be a while before he used the number he had saved in his phone.
With their respective friends telling them they needed something stable in their lives they begin to see one another, conducting a lot of their relationship over text and skype.
Hudson had been hurt badly when he caught his partner of eight years cheating and he was ready to let someone in. Would Levi be the one?
When his past comes back to haunt him, his fantasy is given a reality check that he doesn't know if he can survive.
Will both men finally let go of insecurites and see how good they could be together.
This was a very sweet, quick read with just the right amount of passion and longing to keep me going. 
4 out of 5 stars.
Sue x