Dirty Games by Barbara Elsborg

Wow!! This book had everything...
At first I found it a bit hard to keep up as each main character has side characters and when they start to cross over I had to keep reminding myself of the relationships but it was so worth it!!
Linton has been working away for 3 months and all he wants to do is get home and relax. What he finds when he gets there though ruins that plan. His wayward brother has moved himself in without asking and turned his lovely home in to a dump, complete with a couple in his bed who have quite clearly paid him for his services.
Kicking him out in anger seemded like a good idea at the time but what happens leads him to make some drastic and life changing decisions.
Thorne is a film star with an attitude. He hates the attention but what he loathes more is getting hurt and the front he portrays when this happens has landed him in a mess he can't even imagine.
A humiliated ex partner with a grudge sets out to destroy him, using Linton's desperate need for money to help his brother. Their lifes become intertwined but when feelings enter the picture, all deals are off with some seemingly dire consequences.
A fantastic story that once I got my head around who everyone was and their connections, I couldn't put down.
4 out of 5 stars.
Sue x