Leap of Faith by Jackie Keswick

Leap of Faith by Jackie Keswick 4.5 stars


Jackie Keswick is not an author I have come across before and I was keen to read something new and undiscovered. She did not disappoint. This was a tale of two men who have been friends for four years; working together and becoming best friends. They both fancy the hell out of each other but are too nervous to risk their closeness by being the one to make a move on the other. 


Kieran and Joel work at a security company that takes on big cases involving everything from espionage to kidnapping to drugs. Kieran's background is undercover DEA and Joel's is military. It is Joel's father Joseph who owns the company and a few, highly trained operatives have grown into something resembling a family. So when Kieran and Joel get caught up in something that has severe physical and emotional consequences to the both of them, the entire crew plus their doctor, Marius, come together to try and solve the case and keep them out of danger. As the case unravels, Kieran and Joel have to spend some time in hiding where their close proximity results in their attraction to one another reaching critical proportions and they end up in bed, and the hot tub, and the couch - all with minimal to no clothing! Phew! 


Unlike many of the MM romances I have read, the main focus of this book is the thrilling story line and how the characters weave around the central plot. The attention is mainly on Kieran and Joel, but the other characters are also well developed and play important roles in supporting the two MCs. It's a gripping tale full of violent criminal activity and hot passion. It's fast paced and I was totally hooked from page one. I occasionally had to re-trace my steps where I lost track but overall this was a well composed and engaging story. 


I am really looking forward to the next book in the series as I need to find out what happens in the case, and also the dynamic between Kieran and Joel is rapidly escalating and I'm dying to see where that goes. I can only imagine!