Cocky by Sean Ashcroft

Eliot is good at his job, he is the columnist for Cocky magazine in their fashion department. On a serious note he wants to be more, do more....
He's out and proud, a little bit geeky but ever so stylish.
Danny is about to retire from professional hockey. Big, macho, manly and secretly gay! He decides that he needs to come out before his final game so his manager sets up an interview.
Would be the one serious report that Eliot gets to do..
He has never liked sports stars, being bullied at school by the jocks put him off for life. That is until he goes to meet Danny.
Although both knowing they aren't each others type, there is a hidden connection that pulls them together and when Danny comes up with a proposal, Eliot can't refuse.
Nope, not that kind of proposal just yet!!
He wants Eliot to pretend to be his boyfriend, make it look good for the public and promote his gay but wholesome new lifestyle.
The trouble is, as they get further in to it, it doesn't seem like just a job for either of them anymore.
This is a very sweet book about two guys who just seem to need someone. There is some very hot scenes which fit in nicely with the story and I do love a HEA.
4 out of 5 stars.
Sue x