My Name Was Karl by Daniel Mitton

First off can I say, I started this book late at night, on my own and in the dark. Not advisable turning the light off until a couple of chapters in....
What happened to Karl was absolutely tragic. Captured, questioned, tortured and beaten to death for not having the right information. 
He was a victim of birth, thrusting him in to a world he didn't want to be in but had to submit to or die.
Many years after his tragic end we meet Ben...
He is housed in a base next to the abandoned prison where Karl died. Curiosity getting the better of him, he decides to break in and explore. Now of course this happened in the dead of night!!! What is wrong with these people, have they never read a scary book?
So once inside he hears a crying from deep within the bowels of the prison but when he goes to take a look, concerned someone is trapped, the crying stops and no one is there.
Running as if the devil is on his tail he doesn't look back...
Obviously though after confiding in friends, he feels the need to head back in for another look. What he finds there defies belief, Karl is still there, where he was murdered, never having been able to leave, still naked, bloody and bruised.
They form an unlikely friendship and somehow things develop further....
This book, although tragic, manages to have a happy ending even if it's a strange one.
I loved it!
Not the usual sort of book I would read but oddly it was very captivating.
4.5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x