Rescue Me by K.M. Neuhold

Who knew that going out for the night to find a warm body to lose yourself in could change your life.
For Thane and Madden that's exactly what happened.....
When Thane spots Madden at the bar, he knows he is the one! The bartender slipping him his number can just back off and find someone else. As they connect and are about to take things further, all hell breaks loose in the bar and when shots are fired, Madden is injured and all Thane can think off is saving him.
Not wanting to leave his side for a minute, he rides in the ambulance with him and is suddenly part of his life.
When Madden's friends arrive at the hospital, they can't understand why Thane won't leave but are glad he was there to save their friend. They have been a close knit bunch in the tattoo shop and Adam had been the first one to save Madden all those years ago.
A long, hard, painful journey faces Madden as he tries to get back the use of his hand, he isn't any good to his clients without it!! The one thing he can't do though is fall back in love with the Oxy, he was saved once from it and if he heads down that path again he won't come back.
Will the new relationship they have both been thrust in to survive the trials ahead? Can Thane cope with the mood swings and recovery that Madden faces? Will the one kiss they shared in the bar mean enough to keep them together?
 I loved this book, even though one of them was reliant, they were both powerful characters and their story was one of love and determination.
4.5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x