Renaissance by Lillian Francis

So in this book we return to Slopy Bottom and meet Smudge and Raleigh. Smudge we met briefly before in the print shop he owns, he is a reformed bad boy but still keeps the look and the reputation.
Raleigh is the town librarian, church organist and seemingly good boy but he has a hidden past that keeps him from finding love.
They come together over their love of books and a huge mural for the children of the village.
This was what I would describe as a very sweet book, they very slowly develop in to friends, then friends who sometimes kiss but thats where it ends.
I know all books can't be wildly passionate and full of fun under the covers and I'm glad this one wasn't as it wouldn't have fitted the story.
We get to meet back up with Rick, Mal and the villagers from book 1 and they all play a part in bringing the two characters together.
This author always writes a good book and this didn't let me down.
Looking forward to book 3.
4 out of 5 stars.
Sue x